ROMANO AUTOGAS 40 Years of History

The history of the ROMANO AUTOGS brand and its components for LPG and CNG systems

Our mission is to produce products for the conversion of LPG and CNG vehicles with a high quality standard that lead to the full satisfaction of those who sell them, those who install them, but above all those who use them every day on their car.



The Workshop

Nasce Romano Srl come officina meccanica e istallazioni di impianti LPG e CNG per auto Diventa, in seguito, nel 1985, produttore di tali prodotti a proprio marchio “Romano Autogas”.


The Dealer

The company is a distributor of gas-powered cars for the Campania Region alone..




The Brand

Production begins, a wide range of products under its own brand “Romano Autogas”.


The Market

The first exports to foreign countries and particularly to Holland begin. Shortly after, opportunities open up in other markets such as Russia and South America where, still today, Romano is the leader in many countries.




The Innovation

The Romano company conceives the first injector for LPG and CNG and subsequently in 1997 designs and builds the first multipoint injector system. The Romano Autogas brand established itself on the market in 2000 with the phased "RIS" sequential system

The Expansion

The internationalization process continues in 2003 with the opening of branches in Costa Rica, Santo Domingo and Romania. They will exclusively carry out the sale of the products, the installation and assistance activities.





The first sequential system for direct injection vehicles was born in the Romano factory.


The Division

Romano srl creates a division within it for the development, design and construction of new systems and in advance with respect to the programs, the Antonio system is born, the first control unit for the transformation of cars with both indirect injection and direct injection. in addition to diesel engines.



2013 to Today

The Evolution

It is the year that brought us, even this case, in sharp advance compared to expectations, to the realization of the "E" system and a new family of even faster and more stable injectors called "Fast 2". At the end of 2014, the new 5/6/8 cylinder engine system was released, both for indirect and direct injection vehicles.


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